YKTV (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /y-k-t-v/

Also spelled: Y.K.T.V, Y-K-T-V

What does YKTV mean and stand for?

You Know The Vibes.

Example sentence:Shawty wanna Netflix and chill YKTV.”

YKTV in songs:

“Every time I pop out, it pop off, YKTV, got the top off” – Nas, YKTV.

“I don’t know how they chat on gang ‘BoutYKTV“, you know the vibe Two times gang got Clappz and Dappz” – S A Vheezy, [Sin Squad] Plugged In Freestyle 2.

Bro just seen lights, no LED One, two, left, right, YKTV Bad one tryna pree, CCTV” – Nemzzz, Elevate.

“Look to the right, it’s my nigga B But you know the vibe, that’s YKTV I’m as real as it seems” – Real AF, Dats Fr.

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