Cash cow


Cash cow (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kash-kow/

Also spelled or known as: Cash-cow

Related: Cash

What does Cash cow mean?

Something or someone who brings in a lot of money.

Cash cow Synonyms: Meal ticket, Baller

Example sentence: “Joe Trufant is a cash cow.”

Cash cow in songs:

“Family lookin’ at me like a cash cow” – Joyner Lucas, Isis.

“Ain’t no milk I’m a cash cow, Gunna came with his own sound” – Gunna, Top Off.

“Ain’t got time for a beef, I’m a cash cow” – 2 Chainz, Bigger Than You.

“They say that I changed, it’s the cash fault, Pay everybody like a cash cow” – Young Thug, Offended.

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Cash cow
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Cash cow
Cash cow