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Crackalackin’ (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /crak-ah-lak-in/

Also spelled or known as: Crakalacking, Crackalacking, Crakalackin’

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What does Crackalackin’ mean?

1. Happening.

2. Cracking.

Example sentence: “Every day something is crackalackin’.”

Crackalackin’ in songs:

Aight what’s up everybody, it’s me, Payday, back in action so you know what’s crackalackin, I’m bouts to shout out all the homies” – Payday, Shoutouts.

“We keep it crackalackin’ from the V to tha D, We keep it crackalackin’ from the V to tha D” – Nottz, Fight Club.

“I heard that, okay what’s crackalackin’ what’s creezy leezy?” – E-40, Jump My Bone.

“Afghanian style, fam, we stand up Get it crackalackin’, I cut MCs so quick” – Jay Electronica, Untitled (Man Up).

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