1017 (slang)

Type: group, labels

Pronunciation: /ten-seven-teen/

What does 1017 mean?

1. The number of the house Gucci Mane lived in.

2. Gucci Mane’s Record Label/Group.

Similar to 1017: TDE, MMG, QC, OVO, OTF, 4PF, GBE, YSL, OPM, YMCMB, CMG, YM, YNW, YFN, YRN, 1738, A$AP

Example sentence: “Pooh Shiesty is signed to 1017.”

1017 in songs:

1017 they need to bring the wop back, when I get inside that pussy baby I can’t stop” – 21 Savage, Motorcycle.

1017 Guwop, Backwoods look like logs” – Gunna, GIMMICK.

I’m iced up, 1017, M.O.B. need M.O.E” – Slim Jxmmi, T’d Up.

“BrickSquad 1017 that’s the money team” – Quavo, Dennis Rodman.

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