Amp (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /amp/

Related: Amped, Pre-amp

What does Amp mean?

1. An Amplifier.

2. Amplify.

Example sentence:I’m gonna set up the amp tomorrow.”

Amp in songs:

“See, I be busting caps like my amp be busting speakers So how do you figure that Big Boi be scared to blast you?” – Big Boi, Ain’t No Thang.

Beat down the block like an amp, Goin’ up like a skateboard on a ramp” – Offset, Guwop.

“This chopper got a AMP, I’ma rock out” – 21 Savage, asmr.

“Championship, championship, Range just gonamp this shit Bitch break her neck just to look at the kid” – Future, PUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ.

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