Thugger (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /thug-r/

Also spelled or known as: Thugga

What does Thugger mean?

Young Thug’s nickname.

Other Young Thug Nicknames: Jeffery, SEX

Young Thug’s real name: Jeffery Lamar Williams

Example sentence: “Young Thug also goes by Thugger.”

Thugger in songs:

“Who the fuck told you, That Young Thugger Thugger don’t fuck up the beat?” – Young Thug, Danny Glover (Remix).

“I might just YSL my shit, the Thugger way” – Drake, Never Recover.

“You a big Thugger fan, you scared to admit it” – Lil Baby, Chanel (Go Get It).

Dick her down, yeah, the Thugger way” – YNW Melly, Mixed Personalities.

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