Cuddy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cud-e/

What does Cuddy mean?

1. A friend.

Cuddy Synonyms: Buddy

2. To receive cuddles.

3. A sexual partner.

Cuddy Synonyms: FWB, Cuddie

Example sentence: “I left after getting some cuddy at 10pm.”

Cuddy in songs:

“You bought that bitch a bag, but she gave you like no cuddy” – KILLY, Days.

I’m tryna get me some cuddy” – DaBaby, No love.

“Bought the freak a little puppy but she ain’t nothin’ but my cuddy” – Future, I.C.W.N.T. (Freestyle).

“My cuddy got a candy Nova, he hella wet” – Mac Dre, Chevs & Fords.

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