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Squabble up

Squabble up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skwab-ull-up/

Related: Squab, Squabbling, Squabblin’, Squabble

What does Squabble up mean?

To fight.

Squabble up Synonyms: Squabble, Squab, Step, Brawl, Scrap, Beef

Example sentence: “Keep looking at me crazy we gonna squabble up.”

Squabble up in songs:

I’m quick to squabble up, yeah, bitch, you know it ain’t no ho in me Disturb the piece, unleash the beast, and ain’t no one controlling me” – Na’kel Smith, Go.

“Big bank, Christian Louboutins, I’m finna bleed them Squabble up, sock him in his shit, I’m finna bleed him” – 1TakeJay, Arco.

“Issues? On mamas, we can squabble up Bitches hatin’ on me ’cause I’m thick” – Kandii, Boss Ass Bitch.

“We slid through that one time? My lawyer on FaceTime He said I might face time, ten toes on the baseline Squabble up just to waste time” – Blueface, One Time.

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Squabble up
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Squabble up