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Topped (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /topd/

Related: Top, Topped off, Topping, Toppin

What does Topped mean?

1. To have performed oral sex.

2. To have had oral sex performed on.

Topped Synonyms: Blowed, Necked, Slopped, Slobbed, Sucked

Example sentence: “I got topped and went to bed.”

Topped in songs:

“I keep two guns, I keep two cups Had to lose her, it was too much Say I don’t care, could give two fucks Remember when she topped me on my tour bus” – Juice WRLD, Naruto.

“Got a chick, I call her Katia, she be acting boujee Then she came through and topped me off, now she just a groupie” – Russ, What They Want.

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