Slatty (slang)

Pronunciation: /sla-at-e/

Related: Slatt, Slime

What does Slatty mean?

1. A close friend or friendship.

Slatty Synonyms: Homie, Broski, Gang, Bro

2. To be untrustworthy or a snake.

Slatty Synonyms: Slimey

Example sentence: “I’m boutta go get some food with my slatty.”

Slatty in songs:

Slatty, slatty, slatty, slatt, slatt, slatty” – Young Thug, Slatty.

“Throw him an alley-oop, slatty, no charge” – NAV, Pots N Pans.

“I’m chillin’ with her friends, I’m livin’ real Slatty” – Lil Keed, Dead Doc.

“Yeah, they talkin’ ’bout who in the black truck, Prince Slatty, slatty” – Lil Keed, Yank It.

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