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Alley-oop (verb)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /ali-oup/

Also spelled or known as: Alley oop

What does Alley-oop mean?

1. A basketball pass thrown to the hoop of the rim for a player to slam dunk.

Alley-oop Synonyms: Slam dunk

2. An easy set up given to someone to make money.

Example sentence: “I passed her to my bro like an alley-oop.”

Alley-oop in songs:

Rappers that I threw an alley-oop are throwin’ subs” – Drake, From Florida With Love.

“Behind the back to Nas he alley-oop to Jigga, nigga” – The Game, Why You Hate the Game.

“Pinstripe suits, how I’m mobbin’, alley-oop opportunities, yeah” – Big Sean Savage Time.

“She a alley-oop, I tap it off the backboard” – Rick Ross, I’m Ya Dogg.

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