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Nuff (slang)

Type: adjective, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /nawf/

Also spelled or known as: ‘Nuff

What does Nuff mean?

Enough; a lot, many or much. Nuff is short for enough; a lot, many or much.

Nuff Synonyms: That’s it

Example sentences: “You can never have nuff shoes.”

Nuff in songs:

Nuff respect to Big L who get wreck Chiggidy check yourself ’cause I ain’t workin’ with a full deck” – Party Arty of Ghetto Dwellaz, Da Graveyard.

“‘Nuff respect to the projects, I’m ghost, one love” – Nas, Represent.

“I come from the Shaolin slum, and the isle I’m from Is comin’ through with nuff niggas and nuff guns” – Inspectah Deck, Da Mystery of Chessboxin’.

Nuff times he tried to hide behind you Amnesia but when I remind you” – Drake, Only You Freestyle.

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