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Sexed (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /sexd/

Related: Sex, Sexing, Sexting

What does Sexed mean?

To have had sexual intercourse.

Sexed Synonyms: Sexing, Fucked, Hit, Smashed, Piped, Beat

Sexed in songs:

“I was fine when I met you (Met you, pow) Then I sexed you” – Pop Smoke, The Woo.

“I sexed his sister, had her mumble like a Mexican” – 2Pac, Until the End of Time.

Can’t believe I was me and I let you, Bet you gon’ miss all them nights when I sexed you” – Lil Tjay, Move On.

Sexed on your bae, no bally Akhi, ying and yang, I been trappy” – Russ Millions, Link Up.

Yeah, she called her homegirl from the BX Freaky lil ‘Rican brought X and we sexed” – Killer Mike, 36″ Chain.

“Niggas wanna cuff, arrest her (21) Still daydream how I sexed her” – 21 Savage, Sticked Up.

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