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Akhi (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /awk/

Also spelled or known as: Ocki

Related: Akh, Ock

What does Akhi mean?

1. Arabic for brother.

Akhi Synonyms: Bro, Broski, Bruh, Brudda, Brozay

2. A nickname for a Middle Eastern/Arabic man who runs a corner store or bodega.

Akhi Synonyms: Bossman, Boss man, Ock, Akhi, Brudda

Example sentence:Yo Akhi, yall restocking soon?”

Akhi in songs:

“I like skets, I like fanny Not my brudda, stop calling me Akhi” – Krept, Ask Flipz.

I’m a bad breed, spill juice like cranberry, Boogie B gets splashy, free up my akhi” – Bandokay, Crep Shop.

“It’s a 5-hour flight, put this bum in the shower Pussy, I’m not a rookie, akhi, don’t push me” – The Game, Pest Control.

Sexed on your bae, no bally Akhi, ying and yang, I been trappy” -Russ Millions, Link up.

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