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Screwin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skrew-in/

Also spelled: Screwing

Related: Screw, Screwed

What does Screwin’ mean?

To be having sexual intercourse.

Screwin’ Synonyms: Fucking, Sexing, Hitting, Smashing, Piping, Hitting it, Hitting that, Beating, Beating it up

Example sentence: “Me and my girl can’t go a week without screwin’.”

Screwin’ in songs:

“They tryna guess what I’m doin’ They tryna guess who I’m screwin’” – Lil Baby, Freestyle.

Brodie know to take it to trial, they gotta prove it She get what she want when we screwin’” – Lil Baby, Do We Have A Problem?.

“I don’t agree what you’re doin’ (Doin’) I don’t agree who you’re screwin’” – Future, Fetti.

“It’s you and me, ’cause any chick can say that she’s screwin’ me But you gotta believe me to a degree ’cause true indeed” – Eminem, I Love You More.

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