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Quarter O

Quarter O (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kort-err-oh/

Also spelled or known as: Quarter-O, QuarterO

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What does Quarter O mean?

A quarter ounce of marijuana.

Example sentence: “He brought a Quarter O on the trip.”

Quarter O in songs:

“Watch me chief a quarter O before I even start to go In the club was the girls, the Dixie Queen was right next door” – DJ Paul, Neighborhood Hoe.

“Just holler at shawty, one twenty-five for a quarter O” – Jeezy, ’06.

“From a 8ball to a quarter O, from a quarter O to a half From a half to a whole ounce, now let me do the math” – Payroll Giovanni, Sell Something.

“Starting out my week with a quarter boat Stupid strong and I won’t sell a quarter O” – Gucci Mane, Tragedy.

“I’ll roll da whole quarter O if you want I’m tryna get to know what you want” – Teflon Sega, FRZZN 2.0.

“Now this is what I’m talking about, baby, haha And this is for the weed heads, and this is for the weed heads Get a bag of dope and a quarter O” – Bizzy Bone, Fried Day.

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Quarter O
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Quarter O

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