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Redrum (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /red-rum/

Also spelled or known as: Red rum, Red-rum

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What does Redrum mean?

Murder. Redrum is murder spelled backwards.

Redrum Synonyms: Murder, Red rum

Example sentence: “He said Redrum redrum as he ran to the police in the film.”

Redrum in songs:

“If I score and her girlfriend, I’m calling that And-1 If I murder that from the back, I’m calling it redrum” – Meek Mill, House Party (Remix).

“Road runnin’, gettin’ money, I be pullin’ scams Redrum, head huntin’, nigga, what you sayin’?” – Kodak Black, Identity Theft.

“Proud of myself, I be on the television Redrum for life so I’m stuck with that decision” – Big Boogie, Mental Healing.

“Screaming “fuck the man!” while the middle fingers go up That redrum, that redrum, written all on my bedroom” – LIL FAMINE, Say Cheese and Die.

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