Publicity stunt


Publicity stunt (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pub-lee-city-stawnt/

Plural: Publicity stunts

What does Publicity stunt mean?

A planned tactic or event to attract publicity and gain attention.

Publicity stunt Synonyms: Scheme, Gimmick

Example sentence: “He pulled a publicity stunt to promote his album.”

Publicity stunt in songs:

“When I pour it for the niggas who ain’t here, Publicity stunt” – Papoose, Publicity Stunt.

“He can’t make a hit like a blunt, So he tryin’ publicity stunt” – Moneybagg Yo, Break Da Internet.

“Niggas talking about the wolves we be barking like whats up. Ain’t no publicity stunt we be really getting buck.” – Domo Genesis, IDGAF.

“Burners on the counters and tats on our faces, yeah this is what you want, you said it was a publicity stunt” – Lil Wayne, Anything.

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