Gimmick (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /gim-ick/

Plural: Gimmicks

What does Gimmick mean?

A trick or planned tactic to attract publicity and gain attention.

Gimmick Synonyms: Scheme, Publicity stunt

Example sentence: “My boy the real deal, he’s not a gimmick.”

Gimmick in songs:

“Kazaam is sad thrills, your gimmick is mediocre” – Kendrick Lamar, How Much a Dollar Cost.

Nigga tried to try me like I was a gimmick” – Offset, Legacy.

“No pressure, no gimmick shit, no radio records” – Joey Bada$$,

“I ain’t got a gimmick, I just flow, the niggas went nuts for” – J. Cole, Rise and Shine.

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