Sticks (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /stick-e/

Related: Sticky

What does Sticks mean?


Sticks Synonyms: Props, Dracos, Yoppas, Choppas, Glizzies, Sticks, Straps, Tools, Rods, Poles

Example sentence: “The feds confiscated their sticks.”

Sticks in songs:

“Got a lot of sticks, you can get stamped with ’em” – 21 Savage, 10 Freaky Girls.

Gotta have them sticks on us in every city” – Future, Scholarships.

“I got sticks like Call of Duty” – Lil Pump, ESSKEETIT.

“My niggas pull up with sticks, they clearin’ it” – Yung Miami, Said Sum (Remix).

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