Poked (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pohked/

Related: Poke, Pokin’, Poked up

What does Poked mean?

To have stabbed or get stabbed.

Poked Synonyms: Shanked, Sliced

Example sentence: “The said he got poked for sneak dissing.”

Poked in songs:

“Like you Ms. Goody Four-Shoes, even Bo knew that you got poked” – André 3000, Jazzy Belle.

“And if you fuck around and get two fresh then you fuck around and get poked” – Lil Bibby, For the Low.

“And sticks in the air like javelins, So many man got poked” – Dave, Game Over.

Bad enough they want me to choke, My boy just got poked in the throat” – Lloyd Banks, Hate It or Love It (G-Unit Remix).

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