Po-po (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /po-po/

Also spelled: Po po, Popo

Plural: Po-pos

What does Po-po mean?

Police, cops, or law enforcement.

Po-po Synonyms: Undie, Feds, Pigs, 12, Coppas, 5-0, Jakes, Alphabet boys, Coppa, Copper, Popo

Example sentence: “The po-po caught him stealing.”

Po-po in songs:

Po-po in the way, I’ll roll over ’em and make bacon” – Royce da 5’9″, Yah Yah.

“I’ma have that pussy on lock like po-po” – Swae Lee, Powerglide.

Po-po finna bust in the door, we got blow in the crib In the kitchen over there next to the baby with the bib” – Logic, Gang Related.

“Heard the feds takin’ photos I know nothin’, fuck the po-po” – O.T. Genasis, CoCo.

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