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Playin’ for keeps

Playin’ for keeps (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /play-in-for-keeps/

Also spelled or known as: Playing for keeps

Related: Play for keeps, Played for keeps

What does Playin’ for keeps mean?

To be playing to win.

Example sentence:Wanna play chess? I’m playin’ for keeps.”

Playin’ for keeps in songs:

“Just like LA Capone (Yeah), my niggas, we playin’ for keeps” – NLE Choppa, Double.

“I bought an iced out Philippe (Ice) Yeah, playin’ for keeps (Keeps) Suck up the gang, she a leech” – Offset, Met Gala.

“I see in people the moves that I’m makin’ You know I’m playin’ for keeps You niggas ain’t seein’ me, never, you’re never gon’ see me” – Future, Lie to Me.

I’m out LA for a week I’m out here playin’ for keeps, yeah, yeah I never play in them Jeeps Double R back of the seat, yeah, yeah” – Meek Mill, On the Regular.

Playin’ for keeps, and that’s just to say at the least Had a few seizures, nigga refused to get me some sleep” – Rick Ross, Family Ties.

Nigga might just sneak up on the car and try to spray you Playin’ for keeps out here in the A” – Future, RED LIGHT.

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Playin' for keeps
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Playin' for keeps