Played for keeps

Played for keeps (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /playd-for-keeps/

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What does Played for keeps mean?

To have played to win.

Example sentence: “We showed up and played for keeps.”

Played for keeps in songs:

“I played for keeps, there’s no escaping me, I have a bitch scared And chained to me, and throw away the key” – Eminem, Kick Off (Freestyle).

“In the streets, I played for keeps and learned to lay low Shootin’ shit up like Halo” – Gunna, ​so far ahead > empire.

Been a minute so i played for keeps,at the top like suits got the crown where the medicine at?” – Fabvl, Lights Out.

“All she ever wanted was a Cinderella story So shе gave him her heart and shе played for keeps” – Melvoni, CALL.

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Played for keeps
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Played for keeps