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Cummed (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /come-d/

Related: Cum, Came, Cumming, Cummin’

What does Cummed mean?

To have ejaculated.

Cummed Synonyms: Nutted, Busted, Came

Example sentence: “I was so sleepy after i cummed.”

Cummed in songs:

Bitches want this glo’, wanna be famous Cummed inside her mouth I make her taste dick” – Lil Durk, Perkys Calling (Remix).

“Still deep stroke in your bitch, she cummed When you see me, don’t talk just run” – Russ Millions, Splash Out 2.0.

“I met his sister and cummed right on her mouth Suddenly she was in love without a doubt, wanted to become my loving spouse” – HFK, Jus Daze vs HFK.

“She’s never had this dick And she’s never cummed that quick” – Jesse James, Rabbit Hole.

“I cummed in her mouth and she thought it was milk” – Yeat, Mixed Emotions.

“Since I’m the new daddy, I’ll whoop your ass like your father And bust the real one who cummed you in a vagina” – HXNJV, PERFECT WORLD.

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