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Playing for keeps

Playing for keeps (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /play-in-for-keeps/

Also spelled or known as: Playin’ for keeps

Related: Play for keeps, Played for keeps

What does Playing for keeps mean?

To be playing to win.

Example sentence: “If i’m playing then i’m playing for keeps.”

Playing for keeps in songs:

I’m playing for keeps, but you ain’t think I’d bounce back They love to hear a black nigga count stacks, count stacks” – J. Cole, Hell’s Kitchen.

“Heroin transactions with Russian shots of the Smirnoff Playing for keeps, I bust in ’em before she get off” – Rick Ross, Pandemonium.

Don’t sit on the fence, I play offense Playing for keeps until the end” – Hooligan Hefs, No Effect.

I’m on that greedy shit, that fiendin’ shit, I need a piece I’m on that wreckless shit, that selfish shit, I’m playing for keeps” – Kodak Black, Slayed.

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Playing for keeps
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Playing for keeps