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Player hater

Player hater (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /play-ah-hate-er/

Also spelled or known as: Player-hater, Playerhater, Playa hater, Playa-hater

Plural: Player haters

Related: Player, Hater, Playa

What does Player hater mean?

Someone who is jealous of or dislikes a player and their ways.

Player hater Synonyms: Hater

Example sentence: “That player hater won’t stop talking shit about me.”

Player hater in songs:

“A player hater flipper, yeah, grave filler, yeah I be slanging wood, yeah, out the hood, yeah” – Juvenile, Back That Azz Up.

“Now hands up, don’t be a player hater, just peep game Keep your mind on your money, watch the bitch change” -2Pac, Who Do You Love?.

“Malt liquor swigger, player hater ditch digger Figure my hair trigger give a hot one in your liver” – Bun B, Murder.

I’m a street regulator, true player hater Get back down, make yoass a MAC sprayer hater” – LilFame, Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory).

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Player hater
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Player hater