Hot one


Hot one (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hot-one/

Also spelled or known as: Hot-one

Plural: Hot ones

What does Hot one mean?

A bullet.

Hot one Synonyms: Slug, Cap

Example sentence: “He didn’t mean to hit him with a hot one.”

Hot one in songs:

“Stole a nigga flow, I could sue y’all niggas, Better yet put a hot one through y’all niggas” – J. Cole, Niggaz Know.

“Cocked, fuck around and catch a hot one, It-it’s evident I’m not done” – Eminem, Venom.

“Blew a couple shotguns, boy I keep a hot one” – Layzie Bone, I Guess I’ll Smoke.

Hit ’em with a hot one, drum hold fifty” – SosMula, DRAINO.

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Hot one
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Hot one
Hot one

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