RTD (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym, slang

Pronunciation: /r-t-d/

Also spelled: R.T.D., R-T-D

What does RTD mean and stand for?

1. Rough, tough, and dangerous.

2. Rapid Transit District; A public bus in Los Angeles County where robberies occur.

RTD Synonyms: R.T.D.

Example sentence: He took the ride home on the RTD.”

RTD in songs:

“When you young it’s hard to see That it’s wrong throwing rocks at the RTD” – Ice Cube, Doing Dumb Shit.

“Do I really got to tell ’em ’bout the RTD? Audubon, Manual Arts, and Dorsey” – Phil Da Agony, Gangsta’s.

“Took my car away from me Now I’m riding RTD” – Dance Hall Crashers, We Owe.

“The first time I saw love, she was ridin’ RTD Walked down the aisle, shot a smile, and said “Pardon me”” – JD the M.C., Lover Boy.

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