Play yoself

Play yoself (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /play-yo-self/

Also spelled or known as: Play-yoself, Play yourself

Related: Play, Played, Playing, Play yourself, Playing yourself

What does Play yoself mean?

To unknowingly work against your own interests and reveal your weakness.

Play yoself Synonyms: Play yourself, Play

Popularized by: DJ Khaled

Example sentence: “Thought you can feel steal from me, don’t play yoself.”

Play yoself in songs:

“Back to the glock nigga break yo self Got somethin I need don’t play yoself” – Killer Mike, We Ain’t Playin.

“Life is a game don’t play yoself Disrespect me nigga that is a penalty” – Bandingo YGNE, Trippin’.

Bitch don’t play yoself ain’t nothing ’bout that nigga godly” – Kash Doll, For Everybody.

“Girl don’t ever play yoself you better play yo’ role, yеah” – YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Too Much.

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Play yoself
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Play yoself

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