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Playing yourself

Playing yourself (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /play-in-your-self/

Also spelled or known as: Playing-yourself, Playing yoself, Playin’ yourself

Related: Play, Played, Playing, Play yoself, Played yourself, Play yourself

What does Playing yourself mean?

To be unknowingly working against yourself or your own interests and revealing your weakness.

Example sentence: “You think you’re playing me but you’re only playing yourself.”

Playing yourself in songs:

Bad attitude but it’s cool because I stay to myself You dealing with it then you playing yourself” – Dizzy Wright, Who Want It.

“I played the cards I got dealt, You play me, you playing yourself” – NAV, Cashing Out.

“Knowledge wisdom understanding like King Solomon’s wealth You’re a player but only because you be playing yourself” – Jeru the Damaja, Ya Playin’ Yaself.

“This crank nigga stole a style and ain’t take the tag off Playing yourself, you can’t come with it, so you jack off” – Common, Real Nigga Quotes.

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Playing yourself
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Playing yourself