Pistol Packing

Pistol Packing (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pis-tal-pack-in/

Also spelled or known as: Pistol packin’

Related: Packing, Pack, Packin’, Packed, Packed heat

What does Pistol Packing mean?

To be carrying a pistol.

Pistol Packing Synonyms: Packing, Packing heat, Totin’, Packin’, Carryin’, Carrying

Example sentence: “The gang on the other side of the road be pistol packing.

Pistol Packing in songs:

“I am pistol packing and I know, they don’t need to say so” – Chief Keef, How It Go.

“Said I’m never lackin’, always pistol packing” – Pop Smoke, Dior.

Pistol packing, Monkey drinking, no money bum” – Beastie Boys, Hold It Now, Hit It.

“Everywhere I go, you know Fredo pistol packing” – Fredo Santana, Been Savage.

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Pistol Packing
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Pistol Packing