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Packing heat

Packing heat (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pack-in-heet/

Also spelled or known as: Packin Heat

Related: Pack, Packin’, Packed, Packed heat, Heat, Heater

What does Packing heat mean?

To be carrying a gun.

Packing heat Synonyms: Packing, Totin’, Carrying

Example sentence: “My boys in the hood be packing heat.”

Packing heat in songs:

You’s a soldier, you’re probably packing heat up there’ – Dr. Dre, The Message.

Packing heat like two LeBrons” – The Game, Heaven’s Arms.

“I was turnt, packing heat like a fuckin’ oven” – Montana of 300, Monster.

Bitch I’m packing heat, I got that Chris Paul” – Mikey The Magician, Donut Boys.

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Packing heat
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Packing heat

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