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Pimped out

Pimped out (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /pimp’d-out/

Related: Pimp, Pimped

What does Pimped out mean?

1. To be upgraded to look cool and made flashy.

2. To be exploited.

Example sentence:Yo that whip is so pimped out.”

Pimped out in songs:

“Baby, pimped out, I’m gettin’ too large and smokin’ cigars” – Jay-Z, Baby, pimped out, I’m gettin’ too large and smokin’ cigars.

“Cadillac pimped out, fish bowl, true vogues” – Big K.R.I.T., Cadillactica.

Smoke weed from overseas pimped out styled Rol-eys” – Da Brat, Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix).

Pimped out, topped out, ridin’ round town wit a hollywood bitch bout to smoke a whole pound” – Juicy J, My Type Of Party Remix.

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Pimped out
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Pimped out