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Overseas (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /over-seas/

Also spelled or known as: Over-seas, Over seas

What does Overseas mean?

To be in a foreign country over the sea or ocean.

Example sentence: “My shawty’s mom lives overseas.”

Overseas in songs:

Overseas, got the crowd doin’ moshpits Can’t believe that I’m still in the ‘partments” – Lil Baby, Sum 2 Prove.

“I just got richer overseas, yeah Lookin’ at my watch and it’s a Richard and it’s green, yeah” – LIl Uzi Vert, P2.

“I put my hands up police drew down on me So many charges make me wanna go away overseas” – YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Genie.

“I bet I kick down the door, I bet I send him to the Lord, uh Got a bad bitch from overseas” – Pop Smoke, Welcome to the Party.

“Who wore the piece before they hit the floor? Not even shit you see overseas in stores Who else but me? I know you seen the Forbes Commend your boy, I been the Lord” – A$AP Rocky, Telephone Calls.

“Now that we on, that we on, we gon’ split a mill’ I take a jet, take a jet when I’m overseas” – The Weeknd, Some Way.

“In the club, ain’t got no ones, then we would beg them Clothes from overseas, got the racks and they all C-Notes” – Lil Uzi Vert, XO TOUR Llif3.

I’m making USD’s overseas That’s U.S. dollars that you can’t achieve” – Future, Codeine Crazy.

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