Rizzle (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /riz-eel/

What does Rizzle mean?


Rizzle Synonyms: Rizzy

Example sentence: “I love this house fo rizzle.”

Rizzle in songs:

Bounce something off a man’s head on a rizzle” – Kyeza, Swerve n Skid 2.

“Stomping on this beat like a motherfucking Sigma Bad to the bristle, hat to the rizzle” – Lil Wayne, I’m Goin In.

“You gonmake it rain, well, I ain’t afraid of no drizzle You keep rizzle, I keep you checked with the shizzle” – Jaden, Young & Reckless.

“Shit’s gonna happen if you’re keeping it rizzle” – Wiley, On A Level.

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