Paigons (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /pay-gaans/

Singular: Paigon

What does Paigons mean?

Enemies or untrustworthy people.

Paigons Synonyms: Snakes, Two faced, Backstabbers, Fakes

Example sentence:Don’t invite any paigons to my party please.”

Paigons in songs:

“Got war with the paigons, staying equipped” – Lucii, Ritz.

“All now I don’t know who my paigons are” – RV, Know Better.

I’m getting corporate tax on this cash that I’m making And at the same time I need to vanquish my paigons” – Dave, My 19th Birthday.

“Kept it close, paigons wanna out me ” – Headie One, Audacity.

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