Know better


Know better (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /no-bet-err/

What does Know better mean?

To know not to do something.

Example sentence:Don’t act like you didn’t do it, you know better.”

Know better in songs:

“You know you can never ditch me, baby, you know better” – Young Thug, Givenchy.

“But not at lunchtime, see I know better than to show my face around them, but the day I do it’ll be everywhere” – Tyler, The Creator, Pigs.

“Flexing and these niggas know better, Hate on me, it don’t matter” – Chief Keef, Finally Rich.

“To the spiritual, my spirit do know better, but I told him, “I can’t sugarcoat the answer for you, this is how I feel: If somebody kill my son, that mean somebody gettin’ killed.”” – Kendrick Lamar, XXX.

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