Oppas (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /awpas/

Singular: Opp

Related: Opps

What does Oppas mean?

Oppositions or enemies. Oppas is the plural of Oppa meaning Oppositions or enemies.

Oppas Synonyms: Opps, Haters, Foes, Rivals

Example sentence: “Stay away from the oppas.”

Oppas in songs:

“Give lil bro the choppa for all you oppas” – DeJ Loaf, Try Me.

Pull up on the oppas, pose’ to be there and they hidin'” – G Herbo, Write Your Name.

“Middle fingers to them fucking oppas” – Chief Keef, Sosa.

“Sliding in them DMs, tryna slide up on the oppas” – Lil Durk, Make It Out.

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