Opp block


Opp block (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /awp-block/

Related: Opp, Op, Opps, Ops

What does Opp block mean?

Enemy/Opposition block, territory, or neighborhood.

Opp block Synonyms: Hood

Example sentence: “We was posted on the Opp block.”

Opp block in songs:

“And we spin the opp block with a mini Uzi” – Lil Tjay, Leaked.

Slide through every opp block and we up shots till they not around” – Lil Durk, 500 Homicides.

“Shot up the opp block, and I robbed all they stores” – Young Thug, I’m Scared.

“Walkin’ with my chains out on a opp block” – Smooky MarGielaa, Buck Shots.

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