Bet it up


Bet it up (phrase)

Type: noun, phrase

Pronunciation: /bet-it-up/

Also spelled or known as: Bet it

What does Bet it up mean?

Another way of saying “bet”; 1. To agree or acknowledge. 2. Alright or Okay.

Bet it up Synonyms: Bet

Example sentence: “Well bet it up then, i’ma see you tonight.”

Bet it up in songs:

“I heard Durb say nothin’ spazzin’, I’m like, “Bet it up“” – Polo G, Chinatown.

“Wet it up and bet it up, bitch, you don’t want bet” – Gucci Mane, Photoshoot.

“Put it down, bet it up, Cee-Lo, Hell nah, we ain’t cuffing green hoes” – Lil Gotit, Bricks in the Attic.

“Dice, get, get ’em, girl, gonbet it up” – French Montana, Hurtin’ Me.

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