Playmaker (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /Play-make-r/

Also spelled or known as: Playmaker, Play maker, Play-maker

Related: Playmaking

What does Playmaker mean?

Someone who makes “plays”, they make things happen.

Example sentence:Don’t worry, I got us, I’m a Playmaker.”

Playmaker in songs:

Yeah, I can’t knock her hustle, she a playmaker” – Kap G, Basic.

Playmaker, used to ask coach, “Can I start, please?”” – BabyTron, IG Captions.

“They say I’m a playmaker, Touch down in L.A. like the Lakers” – Jay Critch, Ego.

“Imma game changer, Imma playmaker” – Keke Palmer, BOSSY.

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