KK (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym, abbreviation, slang

Pronunciation: /k-k/

What does KK mean and stand for?

A strain of weed called Khalifa Kush.

Similar to KK: Sherbet, Gelato, Cookie

Coined by: Wiz Khalifa

Example sentence: “Wish Wiz would send some KK to smoke.”

KK in songs:

Nigga keep going, keep the KK blowin” – Wiz Khalifa, Maan.

“Roll ten woods of that reefer, smoke KK, Wiz Khalifa” – Lil Skies, Lettuce Sandwich.

“I might blow a pound a day, smoking KK like a hippie” – Juicy J, Ain’t Nothing.

“Smoking KK, can barely see” – Lil Uzi Vert, Safe House.

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