Caught a case

Caught a case (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /cot-a-case/

Also spelled or known as: Catch a case

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What does Caught a case mean?

To have been arrested and/or charged with a crime.

Caught a case Synonyms: Booked

Example sentence: “You almost caught a case messing with her.”

Caught a case in songs:

“I want some head from overseas, I caught a case, my jewelry seized” – Young Thug, Killed Before.

“I just took the brain off the whip, I could go dumb Heard you caught a case and you snitched like you know some” – Jay Critch, Dreams in a Wraith.

“Every night she had tears in her eyes for me Caught a case, shorty took the whole ride for me” – P. Diddy, I Need a Girl (Pt. 1).

Caught a case, what you think? Nigga fuckin’ told on him I ain’t get my shit snatched yet” – Meek Mill, Levels.

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Caught a case
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Caught a case