Old nat


Old nat (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /old-naat/

Also spelled or known as: Old-nat, Oldnat

What does Old nat mean?

Old National, a famous Atlanta Highway.

Example sentence: “We put some graffiti up on the building.”

Old nat in songs:

“If I dont like your disc I turn that ho into a frisbee, I throw it out on Old Nat right by the Wendy’s” – 2 Chainz, Cut Her Off.

“You hit Old Nat, I know on Godby you’ll see a trap house” – Future, Trap Niggas.

Came from Flat Shoals and Old Nat” – Gunna, MET GALA.

“This right here for Old Nat, this right here for Godby Road” – 2 Chainz, FREEBASE.

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Old nat
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