N-Word (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /n-word/

Also spelled: N Word, The N-Word

Related: Nigga

What does N-Word mean?

Nigger or Nigga.

N-Word Synonyms: Nigga

Example sentence: “The boy was scared to say the N-Word.”

N-Word in songs:

So I’ma dedicate this one verse to Oprah, On how the infamous, sensitive N-word control us” – Kendrick Lamar, i.

Can we hear the N-word one day and not get upset?” – Childish Gambino, You See Me.

“Who that N-word in that candy glow?” – ScHoolboy Q, Tales.

“And I know I use the n-word too much, and the b-word too much” – Wale, Fa We We Freestyle.

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