Misfit (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mis-fit/

Plural: Misfits

What does Misfit mean?

Someone who is out of place or doesn’t fit in with the crowd.

Misfit Synonyms: Outcast

Example sentence: “I was a misfit in high school, i still am today.”

Misfit in songs:

“I like to rock out like I’m misfit, My emo bitch like her wrist slit” – XXXTENTACION, Look At Me!.

“Never made love to a misfit, You never made love to a misfit” – Future, Rich $ex.

“Snortin’ coke pattern misfit will hit Mick Jagger” – Tyler, the Creator, Splatter.

“Life of a misfit, broke nigga forfeit” – J Hus, Bouff Daddy.

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