Misfits (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mis-fits/

Singular: Misfit

What does Misfits mean?

People who is out of place or don’t fit in with the crowd.

Misfits Synonyms: Outcasts

Example sentence: “When i first walk in, i saw a group of kids who looked like misfits.

Misfits in songs:

“With strict orders from Gotti to hide the body and Dre, your day’s comin’ too, ’cause I got a team of misfits” – Ja Rule, Loose Change.

“Whatever you can do in the hood, I done did it, That’s why the dope boys and the misfits feel it” – T.I., No Matter What.

“Plain black clothes I still stand the crispiest, a crew full of misfits” – G-Eazy, Say.

“Started a group of misfits, Proof had a proposition, If we all band together, there ain’t no stoppin’ this shit” – Eminem, Groundhog Day.

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