M3 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /em-three/

What does M3 mean?

A Motorsport edition from BMW’s 3 Series.

M3 Synonyms: Bimmer, Beamer

Example sentence: “I was on the PCH in my M3.”

M3 in songs:

Dick many hoes on the pimpy mode M3 note that’s that new Hat to the back in that black new coupe” – Max B, Wake Up In The Morning.

Bad girls, own condo, own M3 Marble floors, ’cause wood grains ain’t really for me” – Pressa, TBH (To Be Honest).

“Engine sound like it needs an ad-lib from Rick Ross No I ain’t MMG But my next purchase might be an M3” – Aminé, REDMERCEDES.

“Drove the M3, did the dash in it You know I had to get away from crashin’ it” – Drakeo the Ruler, Betchua (Freestyle).

“Why my drug jar look so empty? Drop a hook and then I’ll probably cop an M3” – Action Bronson, Bird On A Wire.

“All black M3 beam No, I can’t sip no lean It make me fall asleep I need my eyes” – Futon Don, ​coasting.

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