707 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /seven-zero-seven/

Also known as: The 707, Tha 707, Da 707

What does 707 mean?

Northwestern California area code.

707 Synonyms: The Bay, Frisco, San Fran

Example sentence: “G-Eazy is from the 415.”

Other San Francisco area codes: 628

707 in songs:

“Young nigga? mob, that’s the cell in him 707, that’s the field in him, ya” – Sage The Gemini, Mack Down.

“I rep that 707, it’s either hell or it’s heaven” – E-40, T.W.D.Y..

“The 707 She rolling up the tree 707 Got a .223″ – E-40, 707.

“I beat it up, and then I dip, I’ma 707” – Nef The Pharaoh, Meantime.

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